Copenhagen Weekend: Mastering the Shifty-Fifty

The weekend swings in to full gear while as the boys assemble a tent for their landlord’s wedding, held in the courtyard in front of the Teufelskerle clubhouse. Like boys would, there were ratchet straps and bungee cords in effect. Hot dogs, drinks, a rogue tooth pops out, and some serious practice on my part shifting the Simson. In Denmark anything 50ccs and under is a moped, so most of the bikes are shifty fifties, which I stall basically non-stop until we leave. We ride out through the city (you can only ride in bike lanes, even with 50cc bikes) we’re speeding and I’m actually getting pretty good at it.  This weekend is  Magic Carpet, Copenhagen’s vintage motorcycle event so there’s a lot going on. A gigantic warehouse is home to a multi-level clubhouse, outside there is a band playing on stage and a bar. Inside there are more bars and loads of great bikes, but we’re tired of waiting in lines so we drink out of the bottles of wine in my backpack. Next morning there’s a ride to an all day outdoor meetup, then to a neighbor’s for drinks. The boys wrap up my visit by cooking a great dinner and playing some excellent Mario Kart, followed by some Netflix+Chill. Thanks boys, had an amazing time ❤

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