The Path to Prague

After finally recovering from the winery, Luka gives me a buzz and we ride out for a scenic tour of the Croatian countryside, including a local racetrack (that hosts weddings in their VIP area, #racetrackwedding #weddinggoals) corn, churches and cool old buildings I made him stop at. I’m starting to realize the trip to Prague- where my flight to London departs in less than 48 hours- isn’t going to be as easy  as I originally thought. One of the necessary busses is scheduled as “twice a week” with no additional information available. I say goodbye to Luka and hire a car to take me in to Slovenia where I will have 5 hours to kill, hopefully spotting some mopeds. When I arrive an  hour and a half later I buy my train tickets and wander the streets, popping in to bike shops grabbing some snacks. I spot a few Tomos riders but most sadly report the factory is basically shuttered and cheap Chinese scooters are much more popular. Everyone, and I mean everyone has love for the old mopeds though, I don’t talk to a single Slovenian that didn’t have one as teenagers or still in the garage. Lunch, then the train, a bus, another train, finally settling in to a 6-seat room by myself. I see a few boys walk up and down the car looking for a room before opening my door, “we ride in here?” “Sure.” Turns out they are five guys, all 19, also headed to Prague, traveling to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and they MAKE. MY NIGHT. Like guys would, they have basically only packed alcohol and socks. The drinks consists of a white wine suspiciously tinged a sort of florescent yellow and loads of sparkling water. They introduce me to the spritz and I’m loving it. We drink through the evening, singing loudly to the bluetooth speaker which blasts Californication well in to the wee hours. Some of them talk fondly about Tomos bikes from their youth. When we arrive in Prague shortly before sunrise, the boys escort me to a pub and eventually we part ways. Flight at 9am, best way to finish the trip.

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