Ladies, Time to March

Couple things: On January 2nd I contracted some kind of super bug that tried to kill me. It shut down my kidneys, liver, and went for my heart. I spent a week in the Cardiac ICU then monitored closely until I was released this week. I had planned to fly in to DC for the womens’ march but sadly, with my heart still on the mend and kidneys still working their way back, I’m house-bound.  To celebrate these marches I wish I could participate in, here some of my favorite shots from the election protest in November. I’ll be back soon, kids, camera-in-hand, I promise.
glp_4703 glp_4127glp_4108 glp_4132 glp_4138 glp_4142 glp_4145 glp_4146 glp_4148 glp_4158glp_4162glp_4169 glp_4169-3 glp_4171 glp_4205 glp_4211 glp_4246 glp_4255glp_4256glp_4259
glp_4261 glp_4272glp_4275 glp_4276 glp_4288 glp_4293 glp_4314 glp_4319 glp_4324 glp_4348 glp_4542 glp_4660 glp_4663 glp_4664 glp_4700glp_4704 glp_4715 glp_4723 glp_4736


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