#tbt: Night of the Living ‘Ped + A Killer Birthday

The Bullies are gracious people through and through, not only did they let me combine my birthday with the Saturday party, Zoey made me a delicious braaaains cake too. But most impressively, after Jake won the [incredible wheely-bike Caleb and co. spent weeks making] raffle prize bike, he generously gave it away to Sophorn, who to be totally fair, is the only person who was sized correctly for it.

Day 6 – Pinball Run: Postcards from LA

We finally arrive in LA, tomorrow will be the final race to the finish line in San Diego. Tensions still riding high on the disqualification front but tonight is for letting loose. It remains to be seen if James will make it to the finish line or have to DNF so close to the finish. The Bullies bring out the van and some PBRs, plus some sweet dance moves. Tonight, we party. Check out the roadside drama earlier that day here.