Pinball Run Day 5 – SFO to SLO

This was a tough day, especially for James. Still dealing with the possibility of being disqualified for highway travel in Oregon, tensions ride high with him and some of the other competitors. It all comes to a head when James’ trusty Tomos dies within striking distance of the finish line and there’s a debate on how/if to drive him parts in the dark, several miles out of town. It was an emotional day but he wouldn’t give up, pretty impressive all-around. Check out the previous days here.

Pinball Run – A Classy Night at The Madonna Inn

After 5 Days on the road, crashing at the beautiful Madonna Inn with a hot tub and a pool was needed. Engine grease on the sheets, helmets on the floor, a hot shower. James finally catches up and does some sewing. Cozy white robes with Ashlee.