Day 7 – Pinball Run: Home Stretch

Day 7, waking up in LA and preparing our final drive to San Diego. J Vance is well in the lead but will James make it to the end? Just 9 bikes of the original 39 are firing up in  Hollywood parking lot. I grab the Miata and and a driving buddy, we coffee up at the starting line and get on the road.

Pinball Run: Finish Line

Seattle to San Diego
July 18-24, 1630 miles. 39 Bikes started, just 9 finished. JBot was the winner, but James and the rest had spirit. Big hugs and tears at the finish line, more than one person got ICE’d, and a lot of congrats. ❤ Best time of my life, thanks everyone!

Pinball Run Day 6- SLO to LA

Day 6 sees us waking up in San Louis Obispo and making our way to Los Angeles. As we approach Malibu, the signs Jake’s mom created begin to show up on the highway. An interesting tour of the BLK BLK bus and a heart-warming welcome. You can check out Day 5 here or other days in the Pinball menu on the top right corner of this page.

Pinball Run Day 5 – SFO to SLO

This was a tough day, especially for James. Still dealing with the possibility of being disqualified for highway travel in Oregon, tensions ride high with him and some of the other competitors. It all comes to a head when James’ trusty Tomos dies within striking distance of the finish line and there’s a debate on how/if to drive him parts in the dark, several miles out of town. It was an emotional day but he wouldn’t give up, pretty impressive all-around. Check out the previous days here.

Day 6 – Pinball Run: Postcards from LA

We finally arrive in LA, tomorrow will be the final race to the finish line in San Diego. Tensions still riding high on the disqualification front but tonight is for letting loose. It remains to be seen if James will make it to the finish line or have to DNF so close to the finish. The Bullies bring out the van and some PBRs, plus some sweet dance moves. Tonight, we party. Check out the roadside drama earlier that day here.