Portland: Break Your Moped, Break Your Heart

Could it be true? A Valentine rally in LA for 2019?  Get your tighty-whities ready people.

Portland’s Annual Valentine’s Day moped rally started good and devolved into a tighty-whitey dance-off and one hell of a raffle giveaway. Grom Kyle got jumped in which you can see in the photo above and I assure you was entirely consensual. Met a new gang of fresh-faced boys called the Hush Puppies, not sure how the underwear dancing went over with them. Also, Danny stole a flight-attendant’s coat. Uphill Battle hosted at a theater and it was NOT family-friendly, excellent times.

#tbt: Night of the Living ‘Ped + A Killer Birthday

The Bullies are gracious people through and through, not only did they let me combine my birthday with the Saturday party, Zoey made me a delicious braaaains cake too. But most impressively, after Jake won the [incredible wheely-bike Caleb and co. spent weeks making] raffle prize bike, he generously gave it away to Sophorn, who to be totally fair, is the only person who was sized correctly for it.

Lost weekend in San Francisco

With Fall came another Creature’s rally in San Francisco, Friday and Saturday gave us cold rides and a great party, misty night ride up to Twin Peaks, I rode doubles with Chris on the Ascot holding on for dear life as we did red-light blasting like I never had before. Saturday morning gave us dogs on Bolt bikes, Saturday night gave us punk music, dice, and boy-on-boy kisses.