Final Race Day Starting Line

Dave and Wendy’s desert hideaway is great spot to rest and thankfully Wendy’s extensive medical knowledge finally helps get Lucy patched up. Getting a fresh start on the final race day feels great, with the top teams within an hour of each other the competition is going to be tough.


Baker’s Dozen Race – Sin City Suburbs

Flew in to Las Vegas straight from a family wedding, catching up with the race already in progress. The teams have finished 8 out of 10 days by the time I join them, riding from Florida and ultimately landing in Long Beach, California. Total miles traveled will come to over 4000, the first leg having taken place Summer of 2017 spanning the East Coast and landing in the South. As I arrive at the house of our host in Vegas, teams are just 2 days from from reaching the finish line. Tensions are high but most are in good spirits despite some injuries and only about 45 minutes separate the first and second place teams.